Chris Wage’s Nashville

Every once in a while, Chris will take a picture that gives me this feeling that there’s not a name for, I don’t think. It’s like, for an instant, I feel like “Wow, I want to live in Chris Wage’s Nashville” and it’s followed up by this feeling “And I do.” It’s the feeling of having a longing almost instantly satisfied.

That’s the feeling this picture gave me this morning.

And I’m not saying that to kiss Chris’s ass. I’ve known him long enough that I think he’d let me kiss his ass for real, if I really felt I had to.

6 thoughts on “Chris Wage’s Nashville

  1. I’ve never been very good at Kant or aesthetics, and surely not the two combined. But then I see something like this and think maybe I know what Kant was feeling when working out his concept of the sublime.

    We have this feeling when we come up against something so large that it overwhelms our imagination’s capacity to comprehend it. The imagination strives for the infinite while reason claims to comprehend the totality. Thus we experience our inadequacy for estimating the magnitude of the things in the sensible world (even sometimes if we made them)
    There’s a sort of awe that is at once pleasurable and displeasurable, or oscillates between them. We feel pleasure in the superiority of our reason over nature and displeasure from the inadequacy of our imagination. We lack for words in the face of the sublime.

    Artists who can capture that experience, which is more commonly felt in the first person, are wonderful.

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