“Distaff Elvis”

Peter Cooper has a great article on Wanda Jackson in which he refers to her as “like a distaff Elvis.” I actually think, as far as turns of phrase go, that’s really an amazing one. Those two words–“distaff” and “Elvis” carry so much weight.

But, when I read it, it was like nails on a chalkboard.

I don’t know, it’s been bothering me all day. And I think the problem with it is that, in a fluff piece, it’s too honest. Ha ha ha. I mean, it cuts right to the heart of the matter–Jackson needs a word that explains how a person with as much talent as her never had the success of her peers working the same part of American music. Oh, right, she’s from the “distaff” side, the side that stays at home and spins, and struggles if she does not.

It’s hard to imagine how saying someone is like a “spear Wanda” would even make sense.

I don’t know. It is an amazing turn of phrase.

It just took my breath away is all.

Stewing Again!

Ha, I was just rereading last night’s post when I realized that I am making stew this afternoon. So, how can I pass up the chance to point out a whole weekend devoted to stewing?

Other than that, I have nothing to add. I only had one carrot. I think I’m going to be sad I didn’t have two.