When They Know You

I read both of these posts today, which, weirdly enough, cover similar ground–the dangers of being known beyond your boundaries. Here and here. The meditation on the ribbon pretty much blew me away. And the idea of folks coming after your commenters? That’s a nightmare I never even considered.

So Much to See

Lots interesting on the internet today.

1. I like the idea of trying to revitalize that strip of Charlotte along the 12 South lines. There’s no reason for it not to be and there are a lot of cool buildings there. I linked to the blog instead of the actual story because the comments cracked me up. “Literate” says, “This is about the most ignorant *article* I’ve read in the past decade. I kept looking for its redeeming merits, and found none.” Considering the things that have been on the internet in the past decade, I think we have to assume “Literate” just woke up from a Rip VanWinkle length nap.

2. This is a good article about how multi-generational crime families bubble up in our communities. I also am tickled by the photo, though I can’t make heads or tails out of the caption. Are those supposed to be the names of the Lego people or the names of the people who made the Lego scene?

3. So, Americans, it’s wrong for you to procure drugs illegally for fun, but fine for states to do so in order to kill people. Yes, let’s just break laws in order to punish people for breaking laws. I’m sure that makes sense somehow.

4. Emily Evans gets into how one of the big draws for outlining communities is that their public schools don’t suck.

5. MOMA has put some fonts in its collection. I’d have to see Beowulf on paper to know if I liked it, but I like that they’re trying to solve the problem I have with laser printed books–the type is too uniform.

6. “Do you like David Sedaris?” I don’t know why, but that one cracked me up.

7. The best part is the disclaimer in small print at the bottom.

Seriously Unserious

The thing that just does me in about politics, especially at the state level, is how deadly serious it should be–the state legislature’s ability to help or fuck people over is enormous and that responsibility should not be borne lightly–and yet how, over and over again, you learn how unserious they are about it.

Think of this, state employees, as the state legislature looks to make even more painful cuts to the budget that could cost you your job–there’s a good chance they aren’t going to make Amazon collect sales tax on in-state orders when the new distribution centers go in.


In Which I Learn Two Things

Lesson 1. If you’re walking the dog and for some reason, she wants to get way up into the bushes and won’t come out and yet won’t poop, she’s probably eating something. Look around you and notice what there might be to eat. Like, say, the huge deer right over there. Could the dog be eating some of its innards? Could be.

The deer surprised the heck out of me. I have never had just the heck surprised  out of me. Usually, if I’m surprised, I’ve had the hell surprised out of me, or the fuck surprised out of me, but this really was just a “heck” of surprise. You can’t really tell from this picture, because I couldn’t get much closer because the dog wanted to explore the carcass and I didn’t want the dog to do so, but I thought it looked like a pretty recent kill. I didn’t see much blood, but there was just the wound across the back. But there was also no flies and no smell.

Then I started to get a little uneasy. I know it’s possible a dog could have brought her down, but I know there are coyotes in that field. I feel like I should learn more about them, but I was like “Well, let’s be moving along on the off chance that whoever did this is still around and wouldn’t take kindly to our sniffing at its breakfast.” The dog was in complete disagreement, of course. She thought there was much more worthwhile sniffing to be done.

I admit, I wish I could set up a little blind near the deer and wait for the vultures to find it. That would be awesome to watch, in a gross way.

Lesson 2. The new cat is an expert tree climber. Who knew?

Like everything else she does, her tree climbing technique appears to be a mad dash towards the tree coupled with an enthusiastic scramble up into it. Once in the tree, though, she leaped from branch to branch like she’s been climbing trees her whole life. Possibly she has been.

I said, “Come here and I’ll take your picture” and she totally moved to a lower branch so I could. Hopefully this cuteness will make up for the gross deer picture.