So Much to See

Lots interesting on the internet today.

1. I like the idea of trying to revitalize that strip of Charlotte along the 12 South lines. There’s no reason for it not to be and there are a lot of cool buildings there. I linked to the blog instead of the actual story because the comments cracked me up. “Literate” says, “This is about the most ignorant *article* I’ve read in the past decade. I kept looking for its redeeming merits, and found none.” Considering the things that have been on the internet in the past decade, I think we have to assume “Literate” just woke up from a Rip VanWinkle length nap.

2. This is a good article about how multi-generational crime families bubble up in our communities. I also am tickled by the photo, though I can’t make heads or tails out of the caption. Are those supposed to be the names of the Lego people or the names of the people who made the Lego scene?

3. So, Americans, it’s wrong for you to procure drugs illegally for fun, but fine for states to do so in order to kill people. Yes, let’s just break laws in order to punish people for breaking laws. I’m sure that makes sense somehow.

4. Emily Evans gets into how one of the big draws for outlining communities is that their public schools don’t suck.

5. MOMA has put some fonts in its collection. I’d have to see Beowulf on paper to know if I liked it, but I like that they’re trying to solve the problem I have with laser printed books–the type is too uniform.

6. “Do you like David Sedaris?” I don’t know why, but that one cracked me up.

7. The best part is the disclaimer in small print at the bottom.


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