I Feel Vindicated about Taco Bell!

I never had actual Mexican food until I was in grad school. I grew up in the rural Midwest, which was predominately white in some places and exclusively white in others and, even though our parents would diligently take us to ChiChi’s, I believed “Mexican food” was what you got at Taco Bell and I knew Taco Bell sucked and so, thank you, no. I’ll have a hamburger.

Plus, we never lived any place with a Taco Bell, so it was like you had to drive some distance to eat this shitty food.

Things are different now, even in Illinois. My parents’ favorite Chinese restaurant is run and owned by a couple of Chinese families in a very small town in central Illinois and, when my dad took me there, we were the only non-Hispanic people in the joint. Hurray for change.

And thank god I finally learned that Taco Bell was nothing like actual Mexican food.

Anyway, because Alabama is suing Taco Bell for false advertising, we learn that they don’t actually put meat in their foods, but what they call a “taco meat filling,” which is only 36% meat, which, interestingly enough, is not even enough meat to qualify as “taco meat filling” under the law in Alabama.

Yum. Glad I don’t eat there.

7 thoughts on “I Feel Vindicated about Taco Bell!

  1. Sort of like the gray hamburgers that we had in elementary school that tasted like ash and death. I found a blue tube in mine once. My mom went to the school and found out there was only about 30 percent meat in them.

    I swore off hamburgers for a long time after that blue tube incident.

  2. A few years ago, my mother went on one of those “cruise the Mississippi” boat trips down in Louisiana.
    She was telling me about the trip once she returned and got to the part of the story where they stopped to eat, but the only place for food there was a Krystal.

    Now, mind you, my hometown has two fast food restaurants: Subway and Sonic.

    Mama said she got her hamburger, looked at it – saw the meat was gray – and tossed it.

    I had to counsel her that Krystal is edible in only one fashion: drunker than hell.

  3. I can’t stand Taco Bell (and I don’t eat anything with four legs), but I’m not guessing their ingredient list is dramatically different any other fast food beef.

  4. Dolphin, I’m thinking vegetarians can feel okay about slipping up and eating at Taco Bell now that we know it’s mostly oats.

    It’s practically vegetarian.

  5. Ew. Gods. I have a rule: no ground meat unless I (or spouse) grinds it (or unless it’s from Whole Paycheck, since they make sausage on site from meat, not… not-meat).

  6. Haha, I was actually thinking as I was typing “I don’t eat anything with four legs” that I guess that means I can eat 64% of Taco Bell’s “beef”

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