The Deer, An Update

I think Mrs. W. was pissed at me for not letting her go over and smell the deer up close. I’m all “You have a great nose. You can smell from right here.” But what do I know about how things smell? Maybe even dogs want to get right up in it, examine how a dead heart smells different than a dead nose which must smell different than a dead hind end. Maybe there’s a poetry in it I’m missing out on, I don’t know.

But she was mad at me.


That’s the nice thing about dogs. Intense but fleeting emotions.

Also, I think whatever killed the deer ate its innards out, so the musings on a dead heart are probably not applicable. I hope we’ll see buzzards on it yet, but no sign today. And tomorrow it snows, so who knows when we’ll get by it again?

8 thoughts on “The Deer, An Update

  1. a sonogram is not sexual violation you dumb shit.

    [Bob is an angry idiot who is mad that women know and are willing to say publicly that you can’t just rub magically on our bellies in the early stages of pregnancy in order to put something on a screen to force us to look at. No, instead, you have to put a wand up someone’s vagina, whether or not she wants it. If that’s not a sexual violation, I don’t know what is. But perhaps we should all avoid fucking Bob just in case he doesn’t understand that basic concept.

    More here if you care for background.–b]

  2. Also, B, Bob is a good illustration of the “coming after your commenters” thing you brought up in the other thread.

  3. I know. I just emailed Melissa about it because I found it so curious. I wonder if there’s some trollish corner of the internet where they’ve decided that, if they can’t get to the bloggers directly, they’ll start making the collateral damage so high that it causes the bloggers to rethink speaking.

    Otherwise, that’s a hell of a coincidence.

    Too bad for Bob that it’s not going to stop me from reading or commenting at Shakesville.

  4. you’d evil femi-nazis would rather kill innoncent babies. you suck.

    [Again, dear readers, please spare a thought for how we all will never fuck Bob. Let’s enjoy that feeling of relief together.–b.]

  5. I didn’t know that anyone still used ‘femi-nazi’ unironically. I also didn’t know that anyone could get pregnant by sucking. Live and learn….

  6. Also, a good reason to be relieved for not fucking Bob is that he has no idea of subject matter.

    Dead deer post=sonogram comment? WTn/F?

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