Marrowbone Creek or Ancient Alien Sidewalk?

The Butcher will watch the heck out of any TV show about ancient aliens. I try not to laugh because I have my ghost shows, but it is hilarious, how mad he gets about how stupid the shows are, and yet he watches and watches. One show we watched talked at great length about this underwater road in the Caribbean, which are these huge blocks of rock that seem to form a straight line, with precise straight line cracks between them.

Every time we drive down Marrowbone Creek, I notice how the rocks in the bottom of the creekbed, from Eaton’s Creek Road to the Ashland City Highway, have these straight-line breaks. And I keep meaning to call the Butcher and tell him I have found an ancient alien sidewalk.

Mrs. W. got in the creek today and completely freaked out at how slippery the creekbed is, since it’s just these big hunks of slick rock. She kept giving me these “What the fuck?” looks and I was like “I don’t know. You don’t see me in there.”