The Quilt

I got my hair cut! And I can’t stop feeling it, since so much is gone. The woman who cut my hair at SuperCuts was amazing. I told her what I wanted and she just whooped it up.

And then I came home and worked on the quilt. I now have all the single pieces sewn together. Next is sewing all the double pieces into four.

And I thought this was a fun pursuit why? Ha ha ha.

If this doesn’t start to get funner… oh god… I actually wrote ‘funner’. Quilting was supposed to help me write and it is literally making me stupider. More stupid?

I don’t even know.

3 thoughts on “The Quilt

  1. I am both relieved and a little sad.

    I was picturing my cutting your hair. I was also terrified to cut someone else’s hair.

  2. I completely condone the use of “funner.” The English language lacks terminology regarding degrees of fun. Time for a revolution. (Sorry, Mrs. Moore, who’s probably retired by now anyway.)

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