A Beer Treat

The Professor brought over a beer treat this afternoon. She brought a raspberry beer and a chocolate beer and mixed them together and we drank it and it was delicious!

I had no idea you could mix beers.

I have lived a sheltered life.

Parks–The Other Beaman and Whites Creek

In Which I Express an Unpopular Opinion about Linkin Park

I thought this was awesome. I’m not a Linkin Park fan at all, but I really enjoyed this performance. A guy had a police siren bullhorn thing. Everyone was playing the drums. Everyone was singing. At one point a guy wandered on to hand another guy a guitar and the chorus to the song had no words. It was weird as fuck, but I tell you what–watch their faces. They are having a ball.

And I can’t help but enjoy any band where everyone is having the time of their lives and trying weird things that include lots of drums.

I don’t know how someone can watch this and not feel a little like “Fuck yeah.”