Spring Hopes Eternal

Well, Here’s a Writing Wrinkle

So, as you know, I started rewriting yesterday (if you don’t know, I can only assume it’s because you haven’t been here in a few days and are reading from the top.) and I was working diligently–does this sound right? Does that sound right? is there a better word that could go here?–and I got all caught up in reading it. Just stopped rewriting and read.

And I kind of love it. Not just kind of. I really love it.

Which… you know… makes rewriting a problem. How can you tell what sucks and needs to be better if you like it all? I may have to read the whole thing out loud just to hear, at a sentence level, what’s working and not.

And I have a list of things that need improving. But except for one section marked “something should happen here,” the likes of which I am not sure yet, though, since I started writing this sentence, I’ve had to stop a few times to make notes, I feel like I have a good handle on what those things are.

Here, in truncated form, is the list:

1. Bessie Smith is a preacher’s daughter. So is Tori Amos.

2. Church music

3. Backwards migration

4. Where is the bird shit?

5. The Devil’s phone call.

6. “Something should happen here.”

7.  Who benefits?

8. Watseka