Blah blah blah Anxiety

If the Butcher can’t get his car fixed, I can’t go to Illinois.  And, if I can’t go to Illinois, that’s going to throw a kink in some things. Also, I feel bad about the dog being home all day, even though I know she’s sleeping and fine. And I have a bunch of people I want to see this weekend and I really feel like I should be doing some stuff at least in the side bed where the bluebells are, because they’re already above ground. And the quilt. Ugh, the quilt. And I need to get some seeds started inside. And I wonder if I should buy my haybales now so that they can get good and wet or if I should wait until April. Probably wait, right?


One thought on “Blah blah blah Anxiety

  1. The quilt can wait for a rainy day – those are coming.
    I wouldn’t do anything outside just yet – my birthday is mid-March and as a rule, it doesn’t get completely warm (read “past a dangerous freeze”) until at least the week after my birthday. So, you’ve got time on the outdoors.

    Go visit with people.

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