Dems Have to Roll Over Before They Can Learn to Crawl Before They Can Learn to Walk

So, y’all remember that Brad Parish invited me to help moderate the debate between the three candidates for TNDP chair? Other than that, I’ve had no contact with him, but I found him, while working with him on the debate, to be very thoughtful and very concerned about how to improve the Tennessee Democratic Party. I remember coming away from the experience feeling like “Yeah, hey, this is nice. We have a wide swath of Democrats and we all have some fundamental agreements.”

Believe me, feeling like Tennessee Democrats had “fundamental agreements” was so new to me that it took me a while to get over it.

Anyway, here’s the thing–“What are we doing with our money?” is not an unreasonable or an uncalled for question. And to hear that Chip Forrester won’t answer that question?

Frame it however you want–that Parish is too “micro-managing,” that it’s an insult to be asked, whatever–at the end of the day a member of the Executive Committee asked “What are we doing with our money?” and the Chair of the Party refuses to say.

Knowing this, why would any Democrat in the state give money to the TNDP?

Here’s the thing. The Republicans aren’t sucking. They’ve held off, so far, on most of their egregious nonsense from years past. The stuff that would upset people who don’t pay close attention to politics? Well, hell, they managed to get G.A. Hardaway to co-sponsor it so they’ve got bi-partisan cover. And we’re not seeing the typical abortion nonsense. And some Republicans are trying to salvage collective bargaining.

Are they doing some stupid stuff? Yes. But it’s the kind of stupid stuff only people who follow politics are going to care about.

The average Tennessean is going to feel like they’re doing fine.

If Democrats are a disorganized in-fighting mess with money problems, the only way we’ll ever be able to win again is if Harwell is leading the Republicans in Satanic orgies in the Capitol and someone gets pictures.

Even if Democrats get our act together, we’re probably only going to be able to win again in the Satanic-orgy scenario, honestly.

But there’s a world of difference between “definitely not” and “probably not.” “Probably not” allows us to recruit non-suicidal candidates, allows us to raise funds, allows us to actually be politically viable.

But we don’t have our act together.

8 thoughts on “Dems Have to Roll Over Before They Can Learn to Crawl Before They Can Learn to Walk

  1. “Are they doing some stupid stuff? Yes. But it’s the kind of stupid stuff only people who follow politics are going to care about.”

    Yes, only people who follow politics care about mothers having to present their proof of citizenship before their child gets a birth certificate. And only political junkies care about bills that legalize ponzi schemes.

    Good lookin’ out there!

  2. So, your two examples are a bill that can’t ever be implemented, even if it is voted into law and, again, a bill people who don’t follow politics are never going to hear about.

    That’s my point exactly.

  3. Bottom line: Any CEO/director/president/official who says NO when asked for financials by a member of the organization is, almost without exception, hiding something.

    Such a request is not a “meaningless distraction.” It’s an opportunity to inform and communicate with the people for whom one works. PERIOD. And it’s as simple as saying, “Hey, I don’t have this month’s totals yet, but I have everything through January. It’s attached. Lemme know if you need anything else.”

    Way to go, there, Chipper.

  4. It’s the job of activist to make sure people hear about these bills, because there’s no doubt people will care once these bills are exposed. Not to mention the bills that:

    restrict voting rights(8), allow corps to donate to contribute to candidates, eliminate collective bargaining, make it a crime for unions to donate to campaigns,eliminate or shorten early voting(2), allow the construction of private prisons with no oversight, allow guns onto school grounds, restrict religious freedom, Arizona clones(3), don’t say gay, eliminate interest group involvement in board selection, creation of a “nullification” committee, stopping cities from enacting living wage and non discrimination ordinances, elimination of dues checkoff, tax breaks for the rich(4), elimination of unemployment benefits, destruction of the civil justice system(14), English only drivers license and an anti-sharia bill.

    Yep, the repubs aren’t too bad this year, no one cares about this stuff, it won’t affect anyone.

  5. Lol at shilling for Chip, also Id like to think I do a pretty good job, I know I can do more but about between 10 or 12 op-eds in the Tennessean a year, 15 or so hours a week volunteering on campaigns during election season, running the largest voter reg drive in rural west Tennessee that ive heard of, helping organize the upcoming “priorities” day on the hill, volunteering for some city council race, designing phone banking software that got over 10k calls made in 1 month last year and doing some direct lobbying on progressive legislation I think it includes a little more than just riding your ass.

  6. Kris, in general, when a woman (especially me) tries to goad you into dick waving, she doesn’t actually care how big a dick you have, she’s just interested in letting you illustrate how big a dig you are.

    Here’s the thing. You’re “let me tell you a thing or two about all the ways you’re wrong, little missy” attitude, coupled with your willingness to burn me behind the scenes, that makes you annoying to me, but it doesn’t make you unique.

    It is an overriding feature of Tennessee Democrats that, whenever a discussion among Democrats is happening, some jackass is going to step in and try to start bossing, try to start telling everyone what they should be doing that they’re not, and that person trying to boss will have no more or less credibility than ANYONE ELSE speaking. But he won’t know that.

    Stop being that dude.

    Join the conversation like an equal, not like a jackass who constantly needs his authority recognized.

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