Things that Make Me Go “Hmm.”

1. Hmm, “Rented.”

1a. Is it just me or did something awesome happen at Metropulse over the past year?

1b. There is no 1b, but you shouldn’t have a 1a standing alone.

2. I do wonder about this, myself, regularly. I think the answer is “Nowhere, yet.”

3. So, let me get this straight. Teachers are required to read all email that comes to their school account, correct? Or does it work differently in some school systems. As it stands, Maggart seems to have hit upon an awesome political strategy–send emails to people at accounts where they simply cannot refuse to read your email. I love how the meme is all “teachers’ unions are an abuse of power” and this meme is propagated by people like Maggart who abuse their power.

4. How small is Nashville’s non-profit community again?

5. From S. George’s article in the Scene this week:

“Increasingly, it’s common for people who want to move into [state] legislative leadership to raise money and then distribute a lot of that money to other candidates in their party and help them get elected as a vehicle for building ties to those members, and to show that they will be an effective leader,” Oppenheimer says. Indeed, between July 1 and Oct. 23 of last year, CAS-PAC — Casada’s political action committee — distributed $170,000 to various Republican candidates.

It has me wondering. Under the guise of “protecting” them, the new Republicans have been kept off of committees and subcommittees, the serving-on of which represents the start of the path to leadership. How much would it suck to get elected to the Legislature only to find that the people in your own party don’t trust you?

Two Complaints and One Good Thing

1. I used to love rain and thunderstorms and now? Thanks, Nashville Flood–they have me a little freaked out. And by a little, I mean, the heater kicked on this morning and I sprang from my bed convinced it was a tornado. The good news is that we have a slight “wet weather conveyance” out between our house and the neighbor’s and we hadn’t really had a chance to see if the willow was placed right where we needed it. But it is! The willow is right next to, but not in, the impromptu stream of water! Dad wants to take out the two dying Rose of Sharons over there and put in another willow this spring. I might be convinced. Ha, so I guess that’s a complaint that ended on a good note.

2. The Butcher’s job and fast food. Lord almighty. I know as a fat person it’s my job to eat fast food like it’s going out of style, but, really, I don’t eat it that often. And I especially don’t eat McDonald’s. Just can’t do it. It tears me up. But I’m having to pick the Butcher up at work this week and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are his late nights. And last night, late was 8 p.m. Now, on the one hand, I am not complaining. Bring on the overtime, oh Fortune that kept him without work for a year. On the other hand, I sat in the parking lot for two hours. And every time I thought, “I should just go get something to eat. He’ll text me when he’s done.” I saw a couple of people trickle out of the building and I didn’t want to leave right as he was getting out.

So, finally, he comes out. And I am starving, since I eat lunch at 11 a.m., so I’m like “I can see the McDonald’s, we’re going there.” Okay, first of all, the thing I’m continually struck by is that McDonald’s is cheap. For four cents over ten dollars, we both got burgers (the Butcher got two Big Macs), fries, and drinks. I spend ten dollars on lunch for myself. Second, when you’re hungry that shit tastes great! I mean, I could tell my bun was stale, but whew, I ate that Quarter Pounder like a fucking chef had brought it to me. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. I don’t think that’s unintentional, you know? I’m completely seeing how people end up going to McDonald’s every day.

Except that we didn’t get halfway up Briley before I thought, “I have done something very wrong to my stomach.” And this morning? I still feel like I put something not-food in my belly and am asking my body to try to process it.


3. The car repair place across from Whiskey Kitchen is lovely! And they fixed my brakes right up. And they amused the hell out of me. Thanks to everyone who recommended them.