Things that Make Me Go “Hmm.”

1. Hmm, “Rented.”

1a. Is it just me or did something awesome happen at Metropulse over the past year?

1b. There is no 1b, but you shouldn’t have a 1a standing alone.

2. I do wonder about this, myself, regularly. I think the answer is “Nowhere, yet.”

3. So, let me get this straight. Teachers are required to read all email that comes to their school account, correct? Or does it work differently in some school systems. As it stands, Maggart seems to have hit upon an awesome political strategy–send emails to people at accounts where they simply cannot refuse to read your email. I love how the meme is all “teachers’ unions are an abuse of power” and this meme is propagated by people like Maggart who abuse their power.

4. How small is Nashville’s non-profit community again?

5. From S. George’s article in the Scene this week:

“Increasingly, it’s common for people who want to move into [state] legislative leadership to raise money and then distribute a lot of that money to other candidates in their party and help them get elected as a vehicle for building ties to those members, and to show that they will be an effective leader,” Oppenheimer says. Indeed, between July 1 and Oct. 23 of last year, CAS-PAC — Casada’s political action committee — distributed $170,000 to various Republican candidates.

It has me wondering. Under the guise of “protecting” them, the new Republicans have been kept off of committees and subcommittees, the serving-on of which represents the start of the path to leadership. How much would it suck to get elected to the Legislature only to find that the people in your own party don’t trust you?

6 thoughts on “Things that Make Me Go “Hmm.”

  1. 1a. Is it just me or did something awesome happen at Metropulse over the past year?

    It’s not just you. I think it has something to do with Jesse Fox Mayshark taking over as Managing Editor.

    And not a whilf of Brian Conley to be found, but that goes back a few years.

  2. I think the answer is “Nowhere, yet.”

    Thanks for the shout out. I sort of worried about coming across as a bitter old lady. It’s a lot more than just the age thing, though if the feminist blogosphere were strictly political, it probably would be less of an issue. A lot of it is the pop culture critique/fluff that has little relevance to people 35 and up. I really don’t care what Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are up to. (Though if I had a daughter, I might.)

  3. Andy, I was thinking the same thing about my old buddy JFM. We were both in NYC for so long, then he goes back to K-town and gets his old job back and things get good again. The Times’ loss was definitely Metropulse’s gain!

  4. Ooo, Kathy, I keep meaning to say how much I really love your blog. It’s been a constant treat for me. I’m glad you showed up here, so that I could discover it.

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