In Which I Say Something Nice about Bredesen

Karl Dean is, of course, running again for mayor. His Facebook campaign ad reads, “How did Karl Dean overcome a 1,000-year flood and an historic recession?” I think we have to guess by “an historic,” that he did it by using his superpower of turning British. Which is a weird superpower. You put “u”s in places and drink tea and say “an historic.” I’m not sure how it helped overcome the flood, but who’d have thought getting bit by a radioactive spider would do so much for Peter Parker?

But here’s the other thing. Because of the Green Vest of Comfort, I remember Bredesen being everywhere during and after the flood. Maybe that’s an inaccurate memory, but that was my impression “Oh, there’s the Governor, with his Green Vest of Comfort.” Yes, I laughed about it, but I remembered it. I don’t recall Dean doing things during the flood. I mean, obviously, he did. But “overcome” the flood? Dude, people are still living in mold-filled hellholes. Other people aren’t yet back in their houses.

“Overcome” is optimistic.

And don’t even get me started on the recession crap. Is that behind us?

Anyway, Dean should get him a green vest. And perhaps actually overcome the flood before bragging about it.

Yes, I know, he’s going to win re-election. And fine. He’s done a fine job as a mayor in his own way. But dude definitely hasn’t done anything to be all cocky about.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Say Something Nice about Bredesen

  1. My chief memory of Bredesen during the flood is that he told me I had to use a vacation day if I wanted to listen to the requests of the mayor and chief of police.

  2. Hmmm, I tried to call the Metro number for emergencies that I was given by 211. All day Monday and Tuesday it would ring for a couple of minutes then I’d be disconnected.
    No emergency shelters in Bordeaux, Old Hickory or Madison or even north of I-40.
    Yeah, plenty of houses in Madison that are still ruined with no hope of help because the assistance promised by the fundraising actually went to pay for nonprofits to operate. Maybe it will trickle down someday….

  3. The grammar nerd in me still insists that “an historic” is correct, even though I know all the style guides have changed. And that color, if you’re wondering, is grey.

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