Boyd Taylor Park is Scary

The dog is convinced the storms are going to be bad. The cats aren’t that worried. NM’s plants are slowly coming along. Everyone but one bunch is above ground. I reviewed Boyd Taylor Park today and the creek that runs through the park comes out of culverts that are clogged with garbage. The park is nice, but, after seeing that, I was unsurprised to see no one in it. Plus, I think you have to trespass to get into the park.

4 thoughts on “Boyd Taylor Park is Scary

  1. That clogged drainage is terrible. You should forward it to someone at Parks or Dean’s office or…somewhere.

  2. It was disgusting. And the “creek” that comes out of that mess then winds through the park. The only consolation is that there doesn’t seem to be any way you can actually access the park legally, so anyone who goes there and plays in the garbage tea practically deserves the genetic mutations it causes.

    Ugh, I can’t even kid about it.

  3. It’s become apparent from your many park visits that the neighborhood demographics seem to dictate how nice or well maintained a park will be.

  4. Yeah, it truly is depressing. I mean, if a park is covered in graffiti, I’m willing to blame the crappy neighborhood for that. But when a stream comes out of the ground clogged in garbage, that’s Metro really, really dropping the ball.

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