Mrs. Wigglebottom Has Mean Revenge

Mrs. W. is too old and bad-knee-ed to get into bed with anyone without them lifting her up. She signals that she’d like to be lifted up by making a never-ending series of groans and grunts and whines, because she’s learned that out-right barking in the middle of the night scares people and doesn’t cause them to just lift her in the bed out of annoyance.

Last night my parents were apparently withstanding and ignoring and sleeping through the onslaught of “let me come sleep with you” and so she, eleven-year-old woman, so old her knees and butt even have gray hairs, pulled their covers off their bed!

After which she was banished to my bed, where, for some reason, all covers remained where they belonged and I got a brief workout doing one 60-lb rep.

Now she’s snoring loudly in the middle of the room, and who can blame her? She was up almost all night.

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Wigglebottom Has Mean Revenge

  1. Our golden retreiver has a similar method for waking people up from a dead sleep. He has those big floppy ears so when he shakes his entire head it makes a pretty good racket. If that doesn’t work he puts his head on the bed and pants on your face. We call it ‘dead squirrel breath’.

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  3. You go, Mrs. W!

    Quinn does something similar…he shifts his weight back and forth on his haunches and kind of whimpers. We call it “bossy butting.”

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