5 thoughts on “The Henry Granju Case–The Update that Will Make You Think the FBI Needs to Get Involved

  1. Thanks Aunt B. It’s horrific. And the way Knox County authorities have circled the wagons is very, very disappointing to me as a citizen, a taxpayer and a grieving mama. I appreciate your continued interest in my son’s case. Anything any of your readers can do to help get state or federal authorities and/or media to pay attention to what’s happened here would be hugely appreciated. If anyone wants to reach me directly, I am at mamapundit@gmail.com – Katie, Henry Granju’s mom

  2. It’s sickening to read how the cops were so eager to just completely ignore the fact that those two people (Y and R) are involved. I mean, since when are text messages not real evidence? That’s bullshit. I thought that kind of shady policework only existed in small towns, but I guess I’m naive.

    My heart goes out to the Granjus. Hopefully a more competent investigative office like the FBI will get involved now.

  3. Katie, I would not wish what you’re going through on my worst enemy. It’s bad enough to lose a loved one, but to know that he was caught up in terrible things that the authorities just don’t seem to care about is beyond anything I can imagine.

  4. Has anybody sent the link to Mark Gwyn at the TBI yet? He is an honest guy and a great cop (I know, how did he get where he is acting like THAT? haha), and I can’t help but think that all his Spidey-senses would be going off after seeing what are obvious failures in routine investigative procedures and the subsequent half-baked attempts to cover them up by “blaming” the family. Particularly in light of the latest angle Katie’s mentioned, I can see Gwyn standing on some throats to get after whomever’s obviously trying to protect some informants.

    Again, Katie, we are sending prayers for comfort and justice. And B, we send you thanks for helping her get the word out.

  5. I can’t believe we are still here…….knox county is the epitome of the comedy of boss hog and the dukes of hazard ….hypocracy and rampant corruption…..

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