It Only Took Three Weeks or So

But I finally figured out that, on the Butcher’s long days, I should come home and eat before going to get him. Oh, what a much better evening than the ones spent hungry huddled behind Nolensville Road. Listening to Music City Roots tonight, though, I decided I’m going to stop worrying about my book being terrible.

It could be terrible and still be fun and do what I want it to do.

Ha ha ha. I hope anyway.

I’m trying to get back on track to have something ready to show people in the middle of the month, but I don’t know.

Ha ha ha.


2 thoughts on “It Only Took Three Weeks or So

  1. Ah, no, see I am going home to eat/let the dog out, which is marvelous, because I worry about her being alone and bathroom-break-less for so long. So it is a little ridiculous, but it solves more problems than it causes, though, sorry, earth for all the emissions.

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