Oh, Poor Bill Ketron

I got off my sickbed to note that Bill Ketron is hurt, deeply hurt, that his un-American bullshit anti-Muslim legislation, which was written by a guy who thinks it’s a shame black people and women can vote, is upsetting people.

I still contend it’s not clear if Ketron even knows what’s in the bill, so his word about what it does really doesn’t count for much.

I know he has clear ideas about what he believes the bill does and doesn’t do, but, damn, I swear, I doubt he could open that bill up and point you to the passages that do the things he claims.

I know having various groups or people write bills and then get legislators across the nation to propose them is a tried and true way of getting laws passed, but I have to tell you, there have been too many instances in the past few years where it’s obvious that the legislators in our state just put a bill forward without knowing what it said (for whatever stupid reason) for me to feel like this is a good way of running a state.

I honestly believe that not many people who are in charge of passing legislation in our state even understand how our state government works, let alone how the state and federal governments work together. I mean, if the bill does what Ketron claims it does–sets up a mini-Patriot act for the state–can he even explain why we need that? Is there some reason he believes that the federal Patriot act isn’t working?

I sincerely doubt it.

And I find that scary.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Poor Bill Ketron

  1. Finally you are back on Politic’s, not that I Don’t appreciate your other interest ( I finished your book, thought it was great.) but if you don’t blog on politic’s, I will have no direction and might drift to the right. Your well placed and timed diatribes are very much appreciated.

  2. Good lord, Mike. There’s no room for you to drift right. What would you do? Propose that anyone who can’t produce their long-form birth certificate on demand be shipped off to Mexico? Give right-to-carry to elementary school children? Let everyone have their own currency? Throw union-leaders in the Cumberland? Require everyone who wants to vote Democratic to get punched in the face once?

    You’d be hard pressed to come up with conservative legislation that hasn’t already been proposed.

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