Good lord. Will someone go tell Ron Ramsey that he’s supposed to be fucking running things?!

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey blames criticism of the legislature on the news media, which he says focuses on the weird and controversial.

“You all ask me about things I haven’t even heard of until you all walk into this room, and that’s what you all report on,” Ramsey told reporters during his weekly availability.

Ramsey defended lawmakers’ right to sponsor whatever bills they see fit and insisted Republican leaders are concentrating on improving the economy.

“Every senator has that right, and I’ll defend that to my dying day. … It’s only a distraction if the press focuses on it. And I mean that. It has not distracted me for one minute, not one minute. I’m focused like a laser beam on job creation and education. That has not distracted me for one second. Never thought about it until y’all walked in this room this morning. So how could it be a distraction if I haven’t even thought about it?”

Whew, I laughed at this “blame the media” bullshit. “You all ask me about things I haven’t even heard of until you all walk into this room, and that’s what you all report on.” Oh boy. Dude is one of the most powerful men in the state and he doesn’t know what legislation is being put forward. He doesn’t have answers for questions about said legislation that a third-grader could anticipate he’d be asked?

He’s in charge.

And he can’t be bothered to, oh, you know, skim the bills to have an idea of what the legislative agenda for the session is?

And the man does not have the courtesy to be embarrassed that he has no idea what’s going on in a body he presides over?

That is, indeed, some laser-like focus.

I wonder if someone should drop him an email and tell him about the awesome website the legislature has that lets you see which bills are being considered.

Hell, maybe we should start sending him daily emails about what’s going on in the General Assembly, just to keep him up to speed.

Here’s mine:

Dear Ron Ramsey,

Today we learned that the Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate doesn’t know what bills are being put forward and that he gets testy with the media when asked simple questions he should have been able to anticipate.

This is hilarious. But not in the good way.



I’m laughing, but you know the worst part? I sit here and ask myself if I believe the Democrats could do any better and I honestly don’t know. So, fuck yeah, I’m laughing, but, whew, it’s bitter.

One thought on “Ron Ramsey, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE STATE!!!!!!!!

  1. I went to the Legislature’s website and found that Ramsey has sponsored (or co) 25 bills this session.
    None seem to relate to “job creation.”
    I called his office and very politely asked about that. I was promised a call back.
    Not holding my breath.

    I’d like to quote a former President: “expletive deleted” “expletive deleted” “expletive deleted” “expletive deleted.”

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