What Goes on in those Southern Baptist Bathrooms?!

Maybe it’s because I share a bathroom with my brother and because I have shared bathrooms with men I’m not related to and because I’ve shared bathrooms with trans men and women and gay men and lesbian women, but I am starting to wonder if Southern Baptist leaders do something different in the bathroom than the rest of us (I’ve even use the same bathroom as Southern Baptist men and never had an issue). I go in, pull down my pants, do my business, wash my hands, and leave. If something is gross, I blog about it. If there are stalls, I’m in mine by myself.

And yet, the first reason the Southern Baptist leaders have for why we can’t have non-discrimination is

If passed, the ordinance would require those businesses that contract with Metro to accept the gender identification made by the employee regardless of actual physical evidence to the contrary. This requirement would allow a person who is anatomically male to claim to be female in gender identity and, therefore, demand access to space previously reserved for women.

Some female employees may well feel uncomfortable if forced to share restroom facilities with a person who is anatomically male.

Do Richard Land, Frank Page, and Thom Rainer all sit on the toilet together? Because, I have to tell you, I share a bathroom with a person who is anatomically male all the time and it has never, ever, not even once, made me feel uncomfortable, mainly because we don’t use the same toilet at the same time. And, if a person presents as female, I can assure you that I don’t have my eye up to the gap between the door and the stall wall checking to make sure she doesn’t have a penis, and, if someone caught me trying to catch a glimpse of her nether-regions while she was using the toilet, I would rightfully be in a heap of trouble.

I get that these men have the wiggums about gay people and transgender people. Fine. And I get that they think their cases of the wiggums should allow them to set public policy that limits their wiggums.

Well, I have the wiggums when confronted with religious leaders who want the right to tell me how I should live my life and I would prefer to never have to speculate about how Land, Page, and Rainer use the toilet, alone or together.

And yet, for some reason, they think their wiggums should have to be addressed by the whole community, while my wiggums about their assholishness is just something I’m supposed to suck up and privately get over.

I don’t think that’s right.

5 thoughts on “What Goes on in those Southern Baptist Bathrooms?!

  1. These people should be made to explain exactly what they think would happen if an “anatomically male” trans enters a female restroom, and why this is dangerous. Our whole response to this should be, “Yes, and…?”

  2. I come in contact with far more people daily who I don’t know the anatomical gender of than the opposite. I can safely say when I meet a woman I general assume she is female because she presents as a female, rather than demanding she strip for me. The same for the men I meet (though can we make a rule that I can demand stripping from the men should I choose to do so??).

  3. Seeing how the Baptist Sunday School classes were segregated by sex when I was a kid, I’m not surprised that they can get all worked up over bathroom use.

  4. Autoegocrat: ‘trans’ is an adjective, please don’t use it as a noun, it’s really offensive. Trans woman or trans man.. Possibly even trans person. XD

    Your general point is right though if thery dud it’d be more fear mongering. Sigh.

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