Day Two of Finally Getting Over This Cold

Considering that Day One was Monday, that should tell you how this is going. Today I was like, damn it, I am going to walk this dog if it’s the last thing I do! And, really, by the time I got to the big hackberry in the AT&T yard, I thought it might be. I was composing my 911 call in my head. “I am dying, please send someone who won’t be afraid of my dog.”

Seriously, a walk I walk all the time and I was sweating and gasping for breath like I’d just spent the last 60 years in bed, just walking to the AT&T building.

But I think I shook something loose, as I had a good coughing fit and then I could breathe better than I have in ages. We’ll just have to see if my body will have its revenge.

I thought we might get one more snow before good weather set in for good, but everything in nature disagrees with me. Everything is out and feeling the weather. We heard a turkey gobbling in the far field, the birds were all chirping, and a bunny came over to us to see if we needed humping.

People that’s how spring it is, when a bunny sees you and your 60 lb pit bull and his first thought is “Oh, better go see if those things need humping.” And his second thought is “Shit! Run away! Run away!”

Mrs. Wigglebottom would have been happy to sniff him, though, if he’d been braver, I’m sure.

I tried to tell the cats about our exciting walk, but the orange cat was having none of it. He literally shot me a look that, even across species, I could tell meant “The bunny probably had rabies.”

Oh, lord, did I tell you that the cats have taken up this new hobby? It’s where they sit on either side of some barrier–could be a window, could be a screen door, could be a curtain, could be a chair, and just holler at each other.



And then if you go over and try to rectify it, by like moving the chair or opening the door, they both stare at you in dazed confusion. “Why would you do that, man?”

So, fuck if I know what’s going on. I assume it’s some kind of art project?

Cats are weird. Hell, bunnies are weird. I guess it’s just the time of the year.