Have You Read Garrigan’s Story?

Holy shit, if this is not the best, most informative story you’re going to read on the Mayor’s office, I’d like to know what you’re finding that’s better. This article really took me from “What the fuck, Nashville?” to “Oh, I see.”

Shoot, I even feel better about the $60,000 a year part-time jobs Dean’s handing out. Not that I approve of them, but you know, now they don’t look so much like “Oh, here, political friend, have a job” as they look like “Help!!!!!”

This has to be a must-read for anyone who gives a shit about Nashville.

2 thoughts on “Have You Read Garrigan’s Story?

  1. And one more thing – laughing my chops off at the James Weaver quote: “This is not the Ryman. Hank Williams has not thrown up in any of these buildings.”

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