Gardening and Taxes

I have only one desire for today, to be out pruning the nandina and directing the Butcher in the trimming of the holly. Instead, I’ll be spending my morning letting Toyota decide if their recall really includes my car. And working on my book pitch.

Hopefully, it won’t take all day and I can come home and get in the dirt before I turn to the more unpleasant fun of doing taxes. And, god, cleaning the bathroom.


6 thoughts on “Gardening and Taxes

  1. Your priorities run counter to mine – I’d rather clean a bathroom than do taxes or, sweet Jesus!, prune a nandina – but I love this all the same. “Unpleasant fun” has such a nice off-center ring to it. May I use that with a credit line?

  2. Of course you can. And, hell, if you want to come play “What’s that growing next to the tub–fungus, old underwear, or cat turd?” you’re more than welcome to come clean our bathroom. (Bathroom may have been described grosser than it is in order to accurately describe my hatred of it.)

  3. I had this grand plan of “do tax stuff and get car emissions checked” on Wednesday – a kind of roll the unpleasant tasks into one big ball and get it over with. At 5, I was done. So I thought.

    I came down with either food poisoning or the 24 hour “I want to die” stomach bug that’s going around. I’m telling you so you’ll be careful – I think I crammed too much unpleasant-taskness into a few hours – and that threw off my juju. At least that’s how I choose to look at it.

  4. Take my advice – go at midday on Wednesday. I went at 12:45 on the dot last Wednesday and was the 2nd car in line. Left lane.

  5. I did our taxes first thing this morning, but have since been to the downtown publib and for a nice long walk. Good luck with emissions – earlier this year we had to do $600 worth of car work to pass the $10 emissions test. Ugh.

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