1. my friend and I were walking in her yard the other weekend and I saw the peonies peeking out and said “what are those?” – she said “peonies! they look like little devil hands coming out of the grave don’t they!?”

    Indeed they do.

  2. Your peonies and your double daffodils are way ahead of mine. How is that possible, so north as you are?

  3. You had regular daffodils long before me, though, I felt like.

    And don’t ask me about the double daffodils. Every year they’ve looked like paltry shit and this year? This year they’re all “Hey, here we are!”

    It’s like the mysterious hyacinths. I KNOW they weren’t in that bed because I have been five inches deep in that bed twice since I’ve been here. Never once encountered a bulb.

    Yard is just bent on surprising me this year. Cool.

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