Back Inside Briefly to Say

If I live through fixing this front bed, I am never overhauling another bed again.

Holy shit.

That’s hard work.

4 thoughts on “Back Inside Briefly to Say

  1. I lived thru two days of overhauling mine – which included digging the entire thing up, pulling out mint and oregano (and tossing them), digging out over 75 iris – separating – then replanting them, then replanting the stuff I took out and set aside in more sensible places.

    I couldn’t walk on Monday, and am still hobbling a bit at times – but damn my garden looks fabulous.

  2. We have spent the last 2 weekends pulling up deep, woody ivy roots and bermuda grass runners and taproots, among other assorted nasties, then replacing dirt and remulching the whole thing.

    We’re about halfway done. I think. It’s Wednesday, and I’m *still* sore.

    I hate the yard. It looks fabulous, but I can’t bring myself to look at it.

  3. The first two years are the worst, right? That’s what I keep telling myself. If I can keep everything going, it will eventually crowd out all the bullshit.



    Ugh. It’s not even April and I’m already over weeds.

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