Turn About is Fair Play

One of the Butcher’s friends has been giving him rides to work since he started his job. Yes his JOB! The Butcher has a job that he goes to and he makes money and some of it goes to pay bills and buy groceries and it’s wonderful, wonderful, won…

Where was I? Yes, so the Butcher’s friend has been giving him rides to work since he started his job. And today is the very first day the Butcher has his (mom’s) car. And the guy who always gave him a ride? Today, due to his problems with an infamously conspirator car dealer, he needs a ride to work. And so, this morning, I watched the Butcher leave a little early so that he could go pick his awesome friend up and take him to work.

That pleases me a great deal.

But listen. The Butcher’s awesome friend is in this lovely band I already told you about–Anchor Thieves–and yet I can see by my statistics that literally seven of you clicked through to download their damn album for free. It’s free. If you don’t like it, you can tell someone you secretly hate that it’s awesome and make them download it. If you do like it, it’s free! Enjoy. Sing along.

Just show these folks, one of whom has been so good to my brother, some love.

And I will owe you one.

6 thoughts on “Turn About is Fair Play

  1. I think I missed a whole series of entries during a low-lying stage because I’ve not seen this before, honestly. So I went over to download the album and the cover art…I screamed out loud and scared the dogs.


    I mean, I’ll listen to the music but I do find the picture extremely traumatic.

  2. I like! Very Belle and Sebastian-y, hints of Simon and Garfunkel (early) and definitely some prog rock in there, which will thrill my prognerd husband.

  3. Elias, I don’t know what FLACs are, but I take it that’s good?

    Shoot, if y’all missed it the first time around, I’m glad I reposted it. The only thing I’m sad about is that, in one of the early mixes of “So Young” the Butcher was responsible for getting his friend’s dog to bark on cue and you could hear it in the mix, but I don’t think that made it into the final version.

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