I Don’t Ask This Lightly: What the Fuck is Wrong with Bill Ketron?

When you’ve let whatever your pet cause is–illegal immigration, in this case–blind you to the fact that you’ve set out on a course to terrorize children, you need to take a step back.

What kind of sadistic fuck wakes up in the morning and is like “Golly, what can I do today that will cause little children to be afraid to go to school?”

And to ask the schools to become immigration investigators so that you can feed your sadism? It’s honestly disgusting.

And the concocting of lists of children who don’t have the right paperwork? I love how anybody left of Nixon in this state is called a commie or a socialist and Bill Ketron wants Tennessee’s children to live like this is fucking Soviet Russia, everyone needing their papers at all times. Is being a commie a bad thing or not? Or is being called a commie terrible but writing state laws to make the state more like Soviet Russia is fine? Sincerely, what the fuck?

Here’s what I hope for Bill Ketron. I hope he gets what he gives. Like some kind of retributive twist on the Golden Rule–I hope his whole life is filled with others treating him the way he treats everyone else.

Because a man who would make little kids afraid to go to school deserves some bad, bad karma.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Ask This Lightly: What the Fuck is Wrong with Bill Ketron?

  1. I’m having a hard time dealing with this guy in my mind. On one hand he’s a right-wing jackass trying to do all sorts of terrible (not to mention stupid – like establishing a Tennessee state currency) things. On the other he’s a knight in shining armor crusading to allow decent people like you and me to buy a bottle of wine in the grocery store.

    Things are never completely black and white. That said, I think Bill the Jackass is beginning to win out.

  2. His boots have been licked for a long time by a great number of people who thought he would do something for them, chiefly local developers. Now he believes he can do no wrong.

    Why, Dollar Bill, do we need *another* law on the books regarding proper identification for student enrollment? Students in Tennessee schools are already required to present a “birth certificate or acceptable proof of age,” a state Certificate of Immunization Form (which you have to have birth certificate/other proper form of ID to get) and proof of residency in your school zone. The SSN is optional because of the high risk of identity theft for kids.
    Schools already have enough paperwork to do and kids to wrangle and not enough money to do any of it, thanks to your boy Dumbya. Schools are not the INS; they exist to educate our kids.

    More importantly, Dollar Bill, how does this create jobs and save money in Tennessee? Are you counting the extra clerks the school systems will have to hire to play immigration cops? Do you plan on getting federal money to do that? (By the way, you DO realize that “federal money” is our money already, right?)

    And what B. said, above, too. Poor kids are already afraid of the bullies at school, and now you’re being one and creating more.

  3. David, the only reason he wants wider alcoholic beverage sales is to increase the state’s income from sales and excise taxes.

    More availability=more sales=more taxes=more money for Tincupessee.

    It’s not that he’s suddenly some champion of the rights and liberties of businesspeople and consumers.

  4. Oh, I agree with you, dear. This is not saintly of him. I’ll just be happy when it passes – or happier than I am now – and I don’t care who pushes it through. Plus, a little extra state revenue wouldn’t exactly hurt things.

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