Still Waiting on the Plumbers

I fret quite a bit, but I’m not a good waiter. Like, I’ve been waiting for the plumbers since noon and they just now called to say it’s going to be closer to 2:30 before they get here and I could be doing things like picking up or reading a book or playing with the dog, but I’m just kind of sitting here feeling anxious, since both my dad and my brother are convinced that I’m going to need a new water heater and it will be very expensive.

Granted, they are doing this diagnosis over the phone, based solely on their desire to freak me the fuck out, but there we are. I shouldn’t have posted that I was waiting for the plumber on Facebook, since that’s what spurred them to call.

I also wish we had something chocolaty in the house, but we do not.

I also wish I hadn’t eaten Sonic for lunch. The trouble with getting old is that, when you’re younger, you’re like “Ooo, chicken fried steak sandwich! It’s so bad for me!” and when you get to be my age, you realize, it doesn’t even matter that it’s “bad” for you. It matters that it so quickly makes me feel like shit.

I don’t eat a lot of fried foods, but damn it, I really need to cut them out completely. Not for my long-term health. Just for my everyday well-being.

One thought on “Still Waiting on the Plumbers

  1. I entirely hear you on that last point. The older I get, the more it seems like my stomach wants to secede at the least provocation. I’m pretty sure it’s got a store of thermite that it keeps in my gallbladder…

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