We Have a New Water Heater

I know part of being an adult is having money in savings so that when you need a new water heater, you just pull the money out of savings and voila! It is paid for.

But man, I’m still not great at this “Put money in savings” business. I mean, I do it, regularly, but not with a grown-up amount of money. And so todays adventure leaves $50 in my savings account.

I hope we don’t have any disasters that cost more than $50 after this.

But, really, as far as unlucky things go, this was a very lucky thing. It was in the garage, the plumber could replace it right away, and I have the money to pay for it and the vacation time to sit here while they do it.

We have not always been so lucky. So, I’m wigged out, but I’m really grateful, too.

5 thoughts on “We Have a New Water Heater

  1. I’m glad you had what you needed socked away to take care of business, and I hope you aren’t faced with any more emergencies before you get your fund rebuilt.

  2. My dear departed Daddy once told me this: “The universe has a way of knowing when you have a little money around.”

  3. What all three of the lovely folks above said. Bad that it happened, bad that it was expensive, bad that you had to take time to fix it; good that it was fixable, even better that you had the time and the money to take care of it.

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