The House Dreaming

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about the weirdness this week. Monday night I woke up because I heard knocking, four evenly spaced knocks like someone was driving a nail. But the dog wasn’t barking, so I knew it wasn’t really happening, that I was caught in a dream, even as I was waking. But then, Tuesday night, I woke myself up because I said “Marie” in my sleep. And, believe me, when you do something weird like talk in your sleep with your CPAP machine on, you will wake yourself up, just because of the change in air flow through your body (instead of going down into your lungs, the air all rushes out of your mouth, thus leaving you with this weird almost suffocating feeling).

But the thing that stuck with me on both occasions was the way the house felt, so calm and at rest, that I almost wondered if it was me or the house dreaming.

6 thoughts on “The House Dreaming

  1. …or, if we’re being specific about the flock, playing keytar and singing early 80’s pop songs.

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