Tornadoes are Serious Business!

We had some tornadoes go through town here a little bit ago, so we all had to stand in the bottom of the stairwell, I guess so that, if a tornado hits our building, they know to look for a big pile of dead people under the stairs.

So, I get down there and there appear to be four other people at the bottom of the stairs. I’m all impressing them with my mad ability to check Twitter repeatedly and then we get the all-clear and I swear, like ten people came out from under the stairs! They must have been jam packed in there. It was like watching a clown car unpack.

Hopefully the house survived.

The New Washing Machine Plan

So, our other brother convinced me that, if I’m not smelling any electrical burning smell coming from the washer, then there’s a chance the washer can be saved, even by two fools who know nothing about fixing washers, because the problem might be the belt, not the motor.

And so, next weekend, the Butcher and I are planning on… yes… trying to fix our washing machine.

This should be amusing.

I may sell tickets to help defray the cost of a new washing machine.