Holy Cow!

I don’t remember having an iris this color before. I wonder if this is one of the ones we pulled out from under that tree, where they came up but never flowered.

Edited to add: Ha, this is what I get for trusting technology. In real life, that iris isn’t blue. It’s purple. But I still stood in front of that iris, saw it was purple, took the picture, came back in here, uploaded it, saw that it was blue, and trusted my camera over my own eyes. But I just went and rechecked and that thing is purple. Which means it’s probably one of the irises from Andrew Jackson’s house. Also, weeds, yuck. Also, my Salomon’s Seal is back up above ground and appears to have spread some!

4 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. My wife just got a purple car that she loves. She was very disappointed when all of the digital photos should a very plain blue car. She got some purple photos onto Facebook somehow, but I don’t know if she Photoshopped them or adjusted the color-balance in her camera to add more red, before shooting new pics.

  2. We were watching The Mentalist last night, in a fit of boredom. One woman identified another as wearing a “lavender sheath” (which she later amended to “purple dress” to help out the clueless guy who’s such a dork with women, hahahaha isn’t that funny) when clearly the person so identified was wearing a blue dress — with greenish undertones, no less. (And yet all the other color values seemed to be fine.) We were both yelling at the screen “that’s not lavender!” I think color-transmitting technology needs work.

  3. well, my winter-burned wisconsin grass is still puke greige, whether i take a picture of it or not. bless that lil ol iris’ heart!

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