One Thing Left on the To-Do List!

Man, I kicked this weekend’s butt and took names. I have a place to stick my vegetables. I have a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom. I’m hardening off my veggies so they can go into the ground next weekend. The tomatoes are already ready to go. I always forget how tomatoes are like “Doot-doot-doot. I am small” until one day they’re on the basketball team, like overnight.

Some day I will get the hang of tomatoes and plant them in the ground the moment before they’re all gangly instead of the moment after.

I got all of my errands run and the only thing left on my t0-do list is to pick some stories for Thursday’s reading at the JCC.

And I just fucking rocked my manuscript. Spent a good chunk of my weekend on it, like some madwoman with my computer on the couch, with comments and notes pulled up, a printed-out version of the manuscript on my lap, and a red pen. And I just went at it, reconfiguring some stuff and working to make some themes more obvious and rewriting two parts completely.

So, now my task for this week is to incorporate all those changes into the manuscript, then incorporate K.’s stuff, and then give it a good once-over just to see if it works how I want it to work now.

But I’m feeling really good about it. Every time I read it, I like it. And every time I read it, I wonder what it will be like for ministers’ kids to read it, if they’ll like it and find something honest about our experiences in there. I’m hoping everyone likes it, of course, but I have my dream audience, too. So, here’s hoping I can sell some other folks on the idea.

I don’t know. You never know how this shit is going to go, obviously. But I just really, really want to try.

Hard Lesson Learned

Always open the god damn bag at the pharmacy, especially when the price is wrong. Don’t just sit there being like “I’ll fight with the insurance company Monday,” because Monday there will be tornadoes and you’ll forget and then, when you go to open your new birth control package, it’ll be the wrong damn thing.

And here it is Sunday. I’m going to go to Walgreens but I’m not sure what the fuck they can do about it.

I guess I should open the box sitting in the dining room and make sure it actually contains my books.

I guess I should pick out some stories to read on Thursday, too.

And in the fucking 90s again today.

I tell you what. It’s not just the bad luck that’ll wear you down. It’s the clean-up from it.