Oh, with all of this talk of besmirching and besmooching, I forgot to tell you the most exciting part of my day. I was letting the dog out to poop this morning and I saw something in the big bed. As you do, I said, “What the fuck?”

I was figuring on blanket flowers, since those were the surprise asskickers of the bed last year, but no! It’s the columbine, making little elaborate wizard hats all in my garden.

I haven’t even cleaned that bed up yet! But the columbine doesn’t give a shit. I tell you what. Columbine comes across all delicate and ephemeral but it’ll grow in shady spots and it fucking rocks. I thought it was fine last year, but this, I guess, is its third year and it looks amazing.

It’s not a plant I would have normally stuck in my garden. But upon living with it? I love it.