Let Them Eat Cake, And We’ll Have Raises and Party Buses!

As the day trickles on, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about Haslam’s Jobs Party Buses, but I was telling the Butcher–who has been through the unemployment grind recently–about how Haslam’s Jobs Party Buses will swoop into communities and offer access to state of the art computers, faxes, copiers, and job application training.

Now, yes, there’s something bizarre about this idea that the reason people in Tennessee don’t have jobs is that they just don’t know how to properly fill out an application. And, yes, that these cost $188,000 a piece means taxpayers somewhere are getting ripped the fuck off.

But the part that caused the Butcher to laugh and then get pissed is that they don’t set these Jobs Party Buses up in a location for weeks or even days. So, if you set up an email account and fill out your online application (or hell file for unemployment online), they then drive away with those computers.

So, how the fuck will you know what happened with your application? It’s like the Administration is so sure that you don’t have a job because of your dumb ass, that they never stop to consider the ways that they’re dumbasses.

It seems to me this is the same thing as “Cut twelve hundred state jobs and give my friends huge raises.” I mean, who the fuck has ever heard of any kind of jobs initiative that involves spending a half a million dollars on three vehicles. Can you imagine the amount of computers for local libraries a half a million dollars would have bought? How many permanent jobs centers could have been opened with that?

But, of course, you can’t drive a library down a parade route. A jobs center can’t part out front of the capitol where legislators can walk through it.

And more than that, it just reinforces the “You’re not Tennessee” nonsense. Rather than doing something permanent for your community, that could be tailored to meet the needs of your local situation, the State is busy buying itself toys.

Haslam’s giving raises to his buddies and buying toys. And this is supposed to move Tennessee to more secure fiscal footing?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I see how it makes things more fun, but I have no idea how this does much more than make things more fun for “real” Tennesseans while the rest of us stand outside and watch.

It’s weird. Newscoma and Rachel are already on it.

Just once, I guess, I wish I could tell if these jokers even had the good sense to be embarrassed that this was all they could figure out to do. At least that would be honest and give people a sense of the scale of the problem.


9 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake, And We’ll Have Raises and Party Buses!

  1. I wonder whether those vehicles were bought from some campaign contributor who might have a dealership or something. By “wonder” I mean “wonder,” not “insinuate” or even “suspect.” But it seems like such a pointless expenditure that my first thought was that maybe it was a thank-you to someone.

  2. I mean, who the fuck has ever heard of any kind of jobs initiative that involves spending a half a million dollars on three vehicles.

    Just think – the states’ residents only had to spend about $5.4 million to fund them (as the primary source of the funds is sales tax).

    At any rate, B, I think that your analysis would assume that they were in any way serious about job creation.

    I think, rather, that they are in the business of making good TV.

    “The Union City Goodyear plant just shut down, eliminating the linchpin of the local economy. But wait! What’s that on the horizon? Why, it’s the Jobmobile! Holy résumé builder! Na na na na na na na na na na Jobman! Biff! Zip! Foom! Take that, unemployment!”

    As a PR move, it makes some sort of sense. It does give the impression that they are doing something rather than doing nothing. It is a way to provide “visibility,” selling the sizzle instead of the steak.

  3. besides the $5.4 million to fund them, with gas prices looming near $5 per/gallon, those things aren’t cheap to schlep from one site to another. Good grief, in gas expenditures alone, you could give at least one person a full time government gig.

  4. I hereby offer to drive my cost-effective, eight-year-old, almost-paid-off Toyota around the Midstate, with my laptop, printer/copier/fax and wifi, to various county seats and set up shop for a day under a nice shady tree at each courthouse to help my fellow citizens with their resumes and unemployment paperwork and such. For a mere $60,000 a year plus the customary state-employee benefits (insurance, pension, etc.) , I will even write off the depreciaton and mileage on my taxes as an employee business expense and not charge it back to the state.

    And I will do a dern sight more to help people get back to work in this state than these ridiculous Jobs Party Buses. (Which, by the way, I have trademarked, because I first used the phrase in a tweet to Newscoma at 4:04 p.m. yesterday, calling for creation of a new political party, the Jobs Party, with Jobs Party Buses. Haaa! [wink])

    I understand that the Jobs Party Buses originated in stimulus money, which was supposed to be one-time expenditures, but that money could have been invested, in part, to provide ongoing funds for a few more people at the already overloaded state employment offices.

    And I’m blaming *everybody* in state gub’mint who failed to put the brakes on this when it was first tossed onto the table for discussion.

    Let them eat cake, indeed. How ’bout bread and circuses, y’all? In our case, I guess it would be cornbread and carnivals.

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  6. “Cornbread and carnivals” is also worth trademarking. Regrettably, you’re going to be needing that phrase a lot in the upcoming years.

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