New Kitty is Excited

So, I’m sitting here last night, as is my way, rereading Invisible Cities and wondering why it seems like cities I don’t remember are in there now and cities I do remember aren’t and having a good laugh because that fits thematically with the book, when I hear a commotion on the front porch.

“MRRRrrorrrooooowwww!!! OOOORRRRRMMMMMMMMMMORRrrrrrrooooowwwwww!” and on and on. I’m like “Oh my god, is some cat hurt out there? Why does the meow sound so strange?!” I am in a panic. I run to the front door. I’m saying all soothing things. “Ooooh, kitty, come here kitty.”

“MMMROOORRORRRROOOOO!!” the cat his hollering from under the porch furniture.

I open the screen door and the new kitty struts out from her hiding place with a dead mouse in her jaws. She’s carrying that thing and BRAGGING ABOUT IT. At the same time. And she’s trying to bring it in the house.

Oh hell no.

I shut the screen door. But I want her to keep killing things in the yard, right? So, rather than just run back in the house and be all “blergh!” and succumb to the heebie jeebies as the situation warranted, I stood there at the door being all “ooo, good kitty. Good kitty.” while she strutted off with her trophy.

3 thoughts on “New Kitty is Excited

  1. This story made me smile. One of my cats does that hollering when her mouth is full thing – only, since they are indoor cats, she does it with her toy poodle. It is a frightening, mournful, agonizing yell…. and she has a mouthful of fake poodle. I tell her she is a good kitty.

    I posted yeeeears ago about a book I’d just read in which the author – esteemed queer theorist Eve Sedgwick – was like, What if our cats aren’t bringing us gifts and offerings? What if they are trying to teach us to hunt, hulking dopes that we are?
    For some reason that makes me LOL harder. MEEEEEOOOOOORRRRWWWW, come and get it!

  2. One of mine does this with plastic straws. One day, she was super enthusiastic about it, and it turned out that she had caught a real mouse! In the house! It was an unseasonable cold snap, so I think one had just found its way inside and out of the cold. We paid extra attention every time we assumed she was just bringing a straw for a while after that.

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