Next Week Should Be Gorgeous

I went to Coleman park this morning for my park review and it was not good. A dude… I don’t even know… he tried to force me to go for a walk with him. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of the dog. At all. Not even nervous. I don’t even know what happened to switch me from a likely target to him getting freaked out and getting in his truck and driving off. Fucking fuckers in this world.

But anyway, things in my yard are about to start blooming in earnest.

12 thoughts on “Next Week Should Be Gorgeous

  1. Your tweets this morning had me worried – I’m glad you’re OK! Did Mrs. W seem to read him as being threatening?

  2. Honestly, I didn’t see how she was reacting to him. I don’t know if she was paying attention to him or not, because I was just keeping my eye on him and she was being good about staying right by my side.

    Thinking back on it, possibly her not trying to go up to someone talking to us should have tripped an alarm in my head, but at the time, it didn’t.

  3. With Rachel, I am so glad you are okay. Sounds frightening and threatening and many other bad -ings. Does Ms. Wigglebottom know the command “sic ’em!”? (okay, given your dog’s name, I now feel silly even haveing typed that statement). Run ins with creeps should not be permitted to happen to you.

  4. Holy crap. How did I miss this post until just now?

    I am so glad you’re okay. And knowing Mrs. W as I do, I’m betting she was staying by your side calmly so that if dude tried anything she was in as ideal a place as possible to tear his eyes out of his head and shit in his eye socket.

  5. I hope so. The whole thing was just so weird that I’m not sure she even really knew anything was wrong. But she didn’t try to greet him, so maybe she did know.

  6. I have been worrying about you after the fact (behold – the power of worry to go back in time and change things!…or not) but I’m glad you are alright. I like Katherine’s suggestion for Mrs. W – could you teach her to do that on the peanut command?

  7. Bless her heart, I’m not sure Mrs. W could learn such a trick, but my next dog? I’m thinking some kind of shepherd/ shepherd mix, because I know a dog like that can be taught such a trick.

  8. Dog’s know. Dog’s are as adept at reading human body language as humans are with out the level of rationalization that gets the way for us.

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