How Has this Not Happened Yet?!

On my way home, the dude on Lightning 100 was raving about the new Stevie Nicks song.

I don’t love the song. It’s a little rhyme-y for my tastes, but I do love the video and wish I had a witch’s hat I could just wear around the state legislature for kicks.

But listening to it, a thought struck me.

How has there not been an Emmylou Harris/Stevie Nicks song?

Genius, right? But what song could they do? Here’s my vote:

“Katie Cruel.” Is that not one of the creepiest songs you’ve ever heard? If I could write a book that made you feel like this song makes me feel, whew, that would be something.

And, I’ll be honest, I kind of think of Fleet Foxes as just another band like you’d hear on Lightning 100, but dude standing there just belting it out like this strikes me as so right that it gives me chills.

The Joelton Dairy Queen

One of my favorite things to do is to go up to the Joelton Dairy Queen with the Professor and talk shop and people watch. Yesterday, we saw a dude who I think was some kind of quasi-professional fisherman. His jacket, truck, boat, and boat trailer all matched and the boat and boat trailer were painted with sparkly paint. And I am disappointed that I don’t see cars painted that way. I, of course, am also the person who wants to chrome-plate our porch furniture, which would result in our porch furniture blinding everyone who drove up Clarksville Pike on sunny days, but I think that’s a small price to pay for beauty.

Anyway, the amount of smooching that goes on at the Joelton Dairy Queen is something to behold. The Professor seemed to think that ice cream and smooches made appropriate bedfellows, but I remained unconvinced.

I like smooching, but don’t be trying to put your lips where my ice cream goes until my ice cream is done going there.

Gardening Excitement

Oh, I completely forgot to mention the exciting gardening stuff going on. My seedlings are in. Weirdly, the peppers seem to be the second happiest and the tomatoes are still acting all emo (the broccoli is the most happy) lolling about, pretending like they can’t bear to get with the program. The important thing to know about tomatoes is that they are resilient drama queens. Especially when small, they’re always acting like they can’t go on, but they’re tough as hell.

In other word, tomatoes, I don’t believe planting you in the ground is the worst thing that ever happened to you, especially considering that the peppers, who are actually notoriously fickle, are doing okay.

I’ve got nm’s seedlings spending the day outside, getting used to the sunshine, which means I have cleared up some room in the sunny window, which means I can try to get some white sage going! So, I’ve got those seeds in dirt. We’ll see how it goes. White sage is notoriously difficult to get to sprout and then will be notoriously difficult to keep happy in my non-hot and arid yard.

However, I do have a plan. I’m going to let the seedlings get as big as possible in the hot and sunny window. Then I’m going to plant them right up by the house very near my regular sage. I know my regular sage is doing okay in this front bed, which gets a lot of sunshine. Up nearer to the bricks, the white sage should benefit from the heat the bricks take on in the summer sun and it’ll be somewhat sheltered from the rain. And then, considering I live in a 50 year old house that’s never been renovated, being right up near the house should give the sage some warmth in the winter.

That’s my plan anyway.

I also planted my seeds. It might be a little early, but the plot I’m working is so small that I have plenty of extra, so if they don’t come up, I can just plant again when it’s warmer.

Like I said, small garden this year–tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, broccoli, cucumbers, and okra. That’s it.