It’s Like Christmas

Campfield tried to get $1000 plus expenses out of a Hollywood dude to debate his Can’t Say Gay Bill. This seems to violate the state ethics code, the state senate ethics code, and possibly campaign finance law.

I almost feel bad for how gleeful I feel and then I remember that it’s Campfield we’re talking about and I laugh.

Also, I am getting a new washer, which the Butcher paid for.

And my other brother and I are going to this thing.

Updated to add: Oh lord, and Tony Gottleib weighs in. I swear, if only David Fowler becomes ensnared in this, it will be perfect.

One thought on “It’s Like Christmas

  1. I still can’t get past the thought of Stacey Campfield “debating” anybody. I’d bet money that before five minutes were up, he’d be saying, “I know you are, but what am I?”

    Campfield’s gonna need to buy some more petards. He’s hoist on this one so much that he’s just about broken it.

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