This Should Be Interesting

Remember how there was all that brouhaha about how making the HPV vaccination mandatory for girls would turn girls into giant Slutty McSluttersons? Well, guess who’s getting oral cancer like we’ve returned to the halcyon days of everybody smoking?


I bet the “controversy” over vaccinating kids against HPV quickly and quietly goes away.

10 thoughts on “This Should Be Interesting

  1. I really dont know which way to go in response to this.

    A)woman’s sexual pleasure is no big deal and as long as there is intercourse to satisfy the man it’s fine if he skips cunnilingus? Since there are a lot of women, especially post childbirth, who cant reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation that seems kind of sad that their partners would be so dismissive of theirneeds.

    B) the woman is the object “dinner” “food” that the man consumes?

    It may be a clever saying, but it seems really sort of like it sacrifices consideration for pithiness. Then again, Im having one of those days so maybe im tonedeafas all getout.

  2. Slarti, I guess I’m as confused as Coble. Men are experiencing an epidemic of oral cancer linked specifically to the HPV virus, which they came in contact with through oral sex.

    So… are you saying that, if only women would have more regular penis-in-vagina sex with men, men wouldn’t be bothering with cunnilingus?

    I mean, to each his own, but a lot of women like it and a lot of guys find it really hot to get their lovers off that way.

    I wouldn’t assume all guys aren’t interested in their partner’s pleasure just for its own sake. That’s selling y’all pretty damn short.

  3. Last time i ate at a restaurant (real, not analagous…) i had two appetizers for my meal.

    I do that a lot.

    I cant ever again place such an order without feeling like Im hosting a lesbian orgy.

  4. Even if (straight) men couldn’t possibly care less about cunnilingus, I’m not convinced that the best possible method of preventing the spread of HPV is telling men not to go down on their female partners.

    In the context of the post, I’m not really sure what that comment was even supposed to mean.

  5. Ignoring Slarti:

    Well, but, hey.

    The reason some of us have a problem with the HPV vaccine has nothing to do with sluttification. There are some serious safety concerns with the vaccine, for one (and I do not find the results of the government’s investigation into the side effects to be compelling). So there’s that. Also it does not protect against all strains of HPV, just the more common ones — but once you start suppressing the more common ones, the less-common ones will pop up to take their place.

    Finally, there’s this: you still have to use a condom or a dental dam. For the other strains of HPV, for the dozen other diseases that can be transmitted through genital-genital or oral-genital contact.

    Do I want to see the vaccine available to boys AND girls? Absolutely. It makes a lot of sense for some people. Do I want to see it made mandatory? Absofuckinglutely NOT.

  6. Kat: “should never because it’s unconstitutional” doesn’t make logical sense. The morality of a governmental action is not determined by it’s legality. The government CAN and HAS done many, many unethical things.

    Also, as a side note, making things mandatory is well within the powers of the US Government. Taxes, jury duty, drafts, coercive cooperation with police… all of these are mandatory. Considering that one of the primary responsibilities of any government is protection of it’s people, in certain cases it can be argued it’s morally mandated. The case of vaccinations is actually a great example: for vaccinations to be effective in reducing actual infection rates, an overwhelming percentage of the population must be vaccinated. Given that the goal is to actually protect people from being exposed to these diseases, not just to give some people partial protection if they do come in contact, mandatory vaccination is the only way to make sure that a sufficient number of people are treated.

    anyway.. Yeah, HPV? Bad. Tests on the Vaccine? Haven’t looked at them 100% but given the prevalence and seriousness of the virus, I’m willing to bet that any side effects not caught by the existing testing are far better than cancer.

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