Well, I Guess I Should Go Use My New Washing Machine

I need to get started on the laundry, get the dining room kind of useable, and wash the dog this morning. The new washing machine is so smart, though, that I feel like, if I sit here long enough, eventually it will come in the house, get all the dirty shit, and just do everything.

So, instead, even though I had breakfast, I’m sitting here fantasizing about the kugel nm made last night. I had no idea what it was, so I ate all of my broccoli and some of my chicken before trying it, just in case I needed to be like “Oh, it was fine. I’m just really full.” Oh, but it was delicious. I had two helpings and would have gladly eaten the whole thing. I don’t even know how to explain it. It was like, if you could somehow have the comfort of chicken soup in a loaf. And it was so delicious.

Did I tell y’all I forced my parents to agree to switch churches for Easter? We’re going over to Jay Voorhees‘ church, because I read his blog and I follow him on Twitter and I feel like I can just say straight up to him, “I had a lovely time at your church, but no, please. Have you read my blog?” and that will be that. I can deliver my family to a church I can comfortably NOT be a part of on a regular basis. That will be nice.

And so I am looking forward to going. No, I know! Keep that in mind, ministers wary of social media. I mean, sure, having people who have completely had it with the church and who consider themselves polytheists feel like yours would not be a bad church to go to might not be a victory, but everyone else in my family is!

So, that’s a weird turn of events, for sure.

And I think I’m going to have to explain the book to my parents, this weekend. Possibly today while we have some alone time. So, that’s kind of giving me the nervous shits. I think they’ll be okay with the Devil stuff, but I’m concerned about preempting worry that some of the other stuff is autobiographical. But, at the least, if I were going to write autobiographical stuff about my relationship with my dad under the guise of fiction, it’d be a lot more complicated and a lot funnier.

Okay, fine, I have procrastinated all I can. Shower and then dog wash and then clothes wash. We’re all about to be so fabulously clean here I about can’t stand it.