The Weather: Day One

Well, we made it through Day One of the Weather Apocalypse in one piece. The dog is being weirdly antsy this morning, though, which is making me nervous. It’d be nice if we could name these weather events so that people had some sense of what it is we’re going through. “An endless, days-long line of storms, kicking off tornadoes” lacks brevity. And is there a scale, like there are for tornadoes? They’re making me feel like this is a Category 4 or 5 Shitstorm, but it’d be nice to have a term and an objective measure.

It’s supposed to be worse this evening. But… and what I am about to say you should never say, lest you come home to a flattened house… I’m feeling pretty okay about our safety. Knock on wood. The storms have been moving to the northeast and all our bad storms all come from the northwest–the tornado that took the trees down came right down Clarksville Pike from the northwest. The direction the tree in the back yard is lying? From northwest to southeast.

Which is not to say that we don’t get some wind from the southwest sometimes, but the terrain doesn’t really let it pick up the necessary steam from that direction. From the northwest, storms basically get themselves a chute down the ridge and then into some nice flat land towards Briley. They can really get going in that space. But from the southwest, it’s harder for them to get in here. They’d have to keep power over a lot of really hilly land.

Which isn’t to say that storms can’t.

Ha, but it is to say that I guess I’m trying to convince myself that it will be fine.

2 thoughts on “The Weather: Day One

  1. Worse?!? It cant get worse. Ive got a dog in perpetual nervous breakdown and have not had any real sleep since rhe night before Easter.

    Not to mention my whole body hurts like im being driven over by jalopy.

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