The Weather, Day Two

My brother is in North Carolina, driving back to Georgia tonight. He called to shoot the shit on his drive and I was like “You’re doing what?!”

“I’m driving back to Georgia.”

And inside I was screaming, “Fucking West Georgia Motherfucker?!” He didn’t know I’m sitting here watching the weather channel point to all the tiny towns he hauls us all over whenever we’re down there, watching the weather people move their fingers across the name of the town where my nephew lives.

I should stop watching the TV, but I feel like, if I keep an eye on it, it won’t dare hurt anyone I know.

Anyway, my nephew says he’s planning on sleeping through it. My brother had no idea any of this was going on. I insisted he pull over and check the weather, maybe find a hotel for the night that will let him sleep on the bottom floor.

I’m waiting to hear that’s what he’s done.

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