Well, Okay, It’s No Farm & Fleet

But I would marry Tractor Supply Company. I went there today and got a pig’s knuckle for the dog (verdict? Ten whole minutes of barking at it before she has settled into gnawing on it), morning glory seeds (for use only in planting, according to the package), plant food, Frontline for dog and cats, a cool basket to put a wedding present in and a wedding present.

It’s not until I go into Tractor Supply Company that I understand my parents’ love of Wal-mart. If I didn’t have to drive clear to Ashland City, I might go to Tractor Supply every day.

Had to come back to Bates’ for rose food, though. But only because Tractor Supply was out, not because they never had any.

I meant to try to mow the lawn today, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

The Yard Plays Offense and Defense

Whenever I go out to do anything in the yard, I’ve come to accept that the yard is just going to kick my ass, because the yard has more weeds than I can ever pull and it has beautiful plants in it I get distracted by.

I did learn the important difference between grass and non-blooming bluebells. Non-blooming bluebells pull out of the bed rather easily. Grass, of course, does not.

But the roses are blooming! And they look lovely. Even the crappy rose that never does very well put out one bloom as if it say “Don’t kill me!” And look at those allium! And my first peonies are blooming. They should be really gorgeous next week.