Oh, Blah, Headache

All day long I had a headache from the front trying to move through. It wasn’t a very painful headache, but I was just tired and groggy all day. I got my park done and had coffee with friends and that was pretty much it.

Ugh, just a complete wasted day. No dishes done, no gardening done. Nothing.

And now the Butcher thinks our water smells a little eggy. And I have to agree, very faintly. I don’t taste anything, though.

Anyway, I went to Commerce Center Park, which has cannon balls.

Now I’m sorry I don’t have a cannon ball.

Be Safe, Mississippi River Communities

Ugh, floods. Yuck. They’re talking about near-record flooding along the Mississippi. As you know, they were talking about blowing a levee north of Cairo to try to keep Cairo above water. I don’t know, honestly, how much good this will do for anyone south of Cairo, because I don’t ever remember the Ohio being this high for this long. All that water has got to come downstream.

Anyway, I found this map of the 1927 flood, the likes of which the levee system is supposed to protect us from.

But it gives you a good idea where the low spots are.