Be Safe, Mississippi River Communities

Ugh, floods. Yuck. They’re talking about near-record flooding along the Mississippi. As you know, they were talking about blowing a levee north of Cairo to try to keep Cairo above water. I don’t know, honestly, how much good this will do for anyone south of Cairo, because I don’t ever remember the Ohio being this high for this long. All that water has got to come downstream.

Anyway, I found this map of the 1927 flood, the likes of which the levee system is supposed to protect us from.

But it gives you a good idea where the low spots are.

One thought on “Be Safe, Mississippi River Communities

  1. There is an amazing book on the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 called ‘Rising Tide.’ While the book focuses on the flood, it is also an excellent history of efforts to cope with the river from the 1850s onward.

    There are fascinating profiles of figures like James Buchanan Eads and LeRoy Percy.

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