Oh, Blah, Headache

All day long I had a headache from the front trying to move through. It wasn’t a very painful headache, but I was just tired and groggy all day. I got my park done and had coffee with friends and that was pretty much it.

Ugh, just a complete wasted day. No dishes done, no gardening done. Nothing.

And now the Butcher thinks our water smells a little eggy. And I have to agree, very faintly. I don’t taste anything, though.

Anyway, I went to Commerce Center Park, which has cannon balls.

Now I’m sorry I don’t have a cannon ball.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Blah, Headache

  1. An eggy/sulfur-y smell often means you have sediment in your hot water tank, and it needs draining. It’s not hard to do…you can find directions on Google for it probably.

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