‘Dwayne’ is a Good, Country Name

Yesterday, my boss said, “Oh my god, guess who’s set to star in and produce the Charley Pride biopic and I went down the list of black actors I thought had enough clout to star in and produce anything and who looked even vaguely like Charley Pride.

I had no one.

“Not Denzel. Not Morgan Freeman… Oh, The Rock had a great opening weekend…” not even meaning him on the “yes” list, just on the “improbable” list. And she screamed, “Yes!” and I laughed with delight and I was still laughing when the Jimmy John’s kid got here and he was like “What?” And I said “The Rock is going to star in a Charley Pride movie” and because this is Nashville, my delivery guy was also delighted.

I went home and was watching wrestling with the Butcher and the Red-headed Oops-It’s-Not-A-Deadly-Heart-Condition-You-Have-Epilepsy Kid (who has neither red hair nor a heart condition at the moment. Do we even know you anymore, Red-headed Kid? Ooo, but did I tell you he finally found a job, too? Not that it matters. You would not recognize his non-dying, non-red-headed ass. But still, it’s good.) and The Rock was on and he was singing and he has a very nice voice.

The Butcher’s all “Didn’t he sing in ‘Get Shorty’?” and I said I didn’t know and so they made me watch Jonah Hex and I would watch Jonah Hex a million times over just to listen to the Butcher and the Red-headed Kid snark on it incredulously. The Red-headed Kid said, “It’s a much better movie once you accept it’s a comedy.” And I realized that John Malkovich had certainly accepted it was a comedy, since he’s so clearly playing Turnbull as a parody of Forrest Gump.

Anyway, that’s all a long digression to say that the menfolk were not surprised that Johnson would be Pride in a movie and that, this morning, I read it in the Tennessean–“Originally, Terrence Howard was to play Pride in a movie directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow).” Terrence Howard? Please.

Well, like I said to Left Wing Cracker, I’m about 45% convinced that Johnson will be awful, but I am 65% sure he’s going to be amazing.

One thought on “‘Dwayne’ is a Good, Country Name

  1. My new favorite show* is Law & Order Los Angeles in large part because of Terrence Howard. Not many actors transition from movies to TV well, but he does it without seeming like he’s *settling*

    (*when I remember what night it is on television)

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